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Helga Cried? by bakugan4ever77Helga Cried? by bakugan4ever77


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Those Blasted Meddling Kids by Pelswick234
Those Blasted Meddling Kids
• Jabberjaw
Deep in the aquatic future, a 15 foot tall anthropomorphic shark named Jabberjaw is the drummer of an undersea band called the Neptune's and talks like Curly from the Three Stooges. The other members of the band are; generic lead guitarist Biff, haughty lead singer and tambourine player Shelly, the bassist and Jabberjaw's best friend Clamhead (who looks like Shaggy) and dumb blonde keyboardist Bubbles. These two are always performing some gig in some strange aquatic city. However, they are always running into trouble and are stuck fighting criminals and terrorists. Luckily, they've got Jabberjaw by their side and he will save the day. Unfortunelty, he just can't get some respect.

• Speed Buggy
Mel Blanc lends his vocal talents to this one of a kind car named Speed Buggy. Speed Buggy possess all sorts of wacky doo dads and has the uncanny ability to talk. Unfortunately, Speedy is always running into trouble and being pursued by bad guys who want to use him for their own personal gain. Luckily, Speedy's best friends; Tinker, Mark and Debbie are always there for him when he needs them most and vice versa.

• Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels
What do you get when you cross Charlie's Angels with the talents of Mel Blanc? You get Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels! Millions of years ago, the world's first superhero, Captain Caveman was frozen in a block of ice. Many years later in A.D, three sexy girls; brainy Dee Dee Sykes, cowardly and timid Brenda Chance and flirtatious and ditzy dumb blonde Taffy Dare. Now that he's their new trusty companion, he joins them on their hilarious and sometimes scary mysteries.

• The Funky Phantom
One stormy night, two brothers; Skip Gilroy and Augie Anderson were lost in a storm while riding in a storm with their dog, Elmo and their friend; the beautiful and blonde April Stewart. When they arrived in an old abandoned house, they set the arrows on a grandfather clock to midnight and out from the clock's face emerged two ghosts from the Revolutionary War who had died in the clock; a chicken hearted and cautious (yet, lovable and friendly) patriot named Jonathan Muddlemore (or "Mudsy") who talks like Snagglepuss and his cat, Boo. Since Mudsy and Boo have been freed from their chiming prison, they have been in eternal debt to the kids. With Mudsy as their new ghostly companion, mentor and parental figure, these four friends are always up for an adventure. Along the way, they learn all about US history and important life lessons such as; taking responsibility for your actions, trustworthiness, friendship, the evils of discrimination and humility. 

• The Amazing Chan Clan
Charlie Chan, the world's greatest Chinese detective now has his own cartoon show. But this really isn't about him, this is about his ten mischievous and bumbling kids; cynical leader Henry, wisecracking jokester Stanley, nice and motherly Suzie, mechanical genius Alan, femminst tomboy Anne, intellectual genius Tom, gung-ho Flip, klutzy and gluttonous Nancy, bossy and girl Mimi and Scooter, the baby of the family. While Charlie investigates, the kids sneak out and meddle. The kids may be a great team, but they are incompetent and often ruin Charlie's cases. Luckily, their father always manages to bail them out. 

• Jonny Quest 
Based on various action comics, there's Jonny Quest and his team of junior spies. Dr. Benton Quest is a promising inventor and the owner of Quest Labs. However, thanks to his brilliance, he's also being pursued by different bad guys. Now, it's up to his best friend, Race Bannon to rescue him and stop those slimeballs from using his inventions for world domination. Also joining Race are Dr. Quest's sons, Johnny Quest, Hadji Singh and their bulldog, Bandit. Together, they fight bad guys and go on dangerous and awesome adventures. 

Also on this collage is Goober and the Ghost Chasers, but I ain't gonna talk about him. 

Personally, I think these Scooby Doo clones would make better franchises than Scooby. They're more interesting and have better stories. In fact, I wouldn't mind a show about all of these guys. 
Scooby-Doo and the Funky Phantom by Pelswick234
Scooby-Doo and the Funky Phantom
Scooby-Doo is a Great Dane with a large and voracious appetite and the mascot of Mystery Inc. Not only can he eat ten footlongs in one bite, but he can talk too! With his best friends; Shaggy, Fred, Velma and Daphne by his side, Scooby always solves a mystery, unmasks a few bad guys and eats everything he can get his hands on.
Debut: 1969.

Mudsy the Funky Phantom is the cowardly and cautious spirit of 1776. With his best friend and pet ghost cat, Boo by his side, he and his best friends; April, Skip, Augie and Elmo solve mysteries and catch all sorts of weird bad guys as well as learn important life lessons along the way including; team spirit, the evils of discrimination, the power in numbers and taking responsibility for your actions.
Debut: 1971.
Helga Cried? by bakugan4ever77

Helga. The little girl with a deep dark backstory.

Spent her whole life being hated and ignored by her own flesh and blood, forced to do things for herself at such a young age. Her first day at preschool, she was bullied by children not much smarter than her and forced to walk in the rain all alone in a dangerous city. Her hope has been taken from her so many times. She spends most of her time in her room, beaten and defeated.

What is the cruelty of the world? That we bully and hurt those who do not deserve it? What tragedy is this, that has a lonely soul emotionally scarred for life? Her heart is broken, must we break everything else too? A little girl traumatized at such a young age is the worst thing possible.
An animated movie taking place inside the human body is way older than you think. Long before there was Inside Out, there was Osmosis Jones from Warner Bros. Animation. These two movies may have a same premise, but they are way different from each other. At the end of this journal, I'll tell you folks all about the differences and history between these two animated films. And what better way to start than with the oldest? Ozzy and Drix is just like Inside Out only it's about biology and health and is live action and traditionally animated (the bestest animation). While Inside Out is fully animated, CGI, is about kids changing as they grow up, has living emotions, and has no villain whatsoever- boring. Anyways, let's save the final decision for the end of the blogpost.


Osmosis Jones is a movie made by Warner Bros. Animation and directed by the Farelly Brothers (so expect a lot of gross humor, after all, kids love gross humor in family movies). It uses live action for the human world and 2D animation for the body scenes. It is about living cells, germs, and pharmacuticals. It stars Chris Rock, David Hyde Pierce, Laurence Fishburne, Brandy Norwood, Bill Murray, and William Shanter. But I'll cut to the chases, I'll begin the story.

The movie opens in live action in a New England zoo (like most of Farrelly Bros. films take place in, New England). We meet Frank, a widowed zookeeper with no concern for his health or hygeine. His daughter, Shane wants him to eat right and to take better care of his body, but he just makes lame excuses to not to. So instead of him taking care of Shane, Shane is stuck taking care of him, before she is an adult even. Anyways, Frank is about to eat a boiled egg when a monkey steals it and puts it in his mouth, Frank then starts choking the monkey and the monkey spits out the egg and it lands on the filthy dirt. Frank eats it anyways. Disgusting.

We are then taken to the inside of Frank's mouth where we see our hero, Osmosis Jones (played by Chris Rock), a white blood cell policeman who is fighting gingivitis with his fellow cops. He tries to capture the germs, but he shoots Frank's nerve and causes him to have a major leg cramp. Meanwhile, a deadly virus named Thrax (played by Laurence Fishburne) emerges from the egg, which is still cleaning up, then murders all of the cleaners, very graphic. He sets the throat on fire and throws the worker's boat to fall down.

We then meet the Mayor (played by William Shanter) who is the reason Frank is a pathetic slob in the first place. He is trying to get re-elected and beat his opponent who actually cares about Frank's health and hygeine. When he finds out that Shane is planning to take them to the doctor, since Frank is getting sick, but he decides to control Frank's voice and has him take a cold pill instead.

Ozzy goes back to the station and is revealed to be the laughing stock of the force and nobody likes him. Ozzy then goes to the Chief's office begging him to give him a chance and a case. The Chief decides to assign Ozzy with the pill Frank swallowed earlier to cure Frank's sickness. He goes to the disgestive tract and runs into the Mayor's aid, Leah (played by Brandy Norwood), who Ozzy has a large crush on, but she can't stand him at all. They meet the cold pill Frank swallowed, who introduces himself as Drix (played by David Hyde Pierce).

Ozzy and Drix go to the throat and decide to investigate. While Drix puts out the fire on the throat, Ozzy investigates on his own. He meets a germ who saw Thrax, but before Ozzy can get any info, Drix freezes the germ.

Meanwhile, Thrax goes to Frank's sweat gland and easily takes out a mob boss and recruits the gangsters as his henchmen. Ozzy and Drix meanwhile, go to the Mayor's office after they stop a sneeze Thrax has caused. Ozzy tries to tell the Mayor, the Chief, and Leah about what's going on, but only Leah and Drix listen to his warnings, the Mayor refuses to listen and threatens Ozzy, because he has a bad record.

While Ozzy and Drix go to another side of Frank, Drix asks Ozzy why he has a record. Ozzy tells him that about a couple years ago, while Frank was at Shane's school science fair, he ate some bad oysters and was in danger of severe illness, so Ozzy activated the "PUKE" button and caused Frank to throw up on Shane's teacher and this was somehow enough to make Frank the town laughing stock and lose his job. This also caused Ozzy to get suspended for unnesscary force. Drix actually takes Ozzy's side and Ozzy is surprised to see that someone actually listened to him.

Meanwhile, Frank tells Shane that he is going to take her to a chicken wing festival in Buffalo, New York, but Shane really wants to go on a school hike with him. Leah then convinces Frank to go on Shane's hiking trip.

Ozzy and Drix go to the digestive tract to meet an influenza virus who tells them all about Thrax and that he's at a club to have a meeting with the gangsters he recruited. They arrive at the club which is a huge zit on Frank's forehead and sneak into Thrax's meeting. Thrax reveals that he's been plauging people before, and that he wants to set a record so he can get his own chapter in the medical books. His plan is to go to the hypotalamus gland (which controls the temperature and weather in Frank), then add one of the beads to his braclet which contains the other hypthothelmus beads from the other humans he killed. His plan was to kill Frank in 48 hours and trick the other cells into thinking it's just a common cold. Ozzy and Drix then blow up the club which causes the zit to burst and kill Thrax's henchmen, and presumbly Thrax. But Thrax and two other minons have secretly survived the explosion and retreat to a warehouse.

Ozzy and Drix then go to the Chief's office to tell him the great news, only to find Leah and the Mayor there. The Mayor yells at Ozzy and Drix for blowing up the zit. They try to explain, but the Mayor doesn't listen, Leah and the Chief don't like what the Mayor is saying to them, but the Mayor fires Ozzy after he stands up to him. Drix sticks up for Ozzy, but the Mayor fires him as well. The two ex-cops then go their seperate ways.

Ozzy takes a sad walk in the rain feeling sorry for himself. He then goes to a movie theater, where they are showing a free screening of Frank's nightmare from the subconscious. In this world, dreams and nightmares are used as movies.

Meanwhile, Thrax sneaks into the brain and steals one of the hypotalamus beads and it causes Frank's temperature to rise up, seriously threatening his life, and everyone else's. Leah notices this and finds out that Ozzy and Drix were telling the truth all along. She activates the alarm to warn secruity, the guards go search for Thrax, who hides in the subconcious. Thrax's prescene broadcasts to the nightmare Ozzy is watching and Ozzy runs to get Drix back, who is about to be flushed. Drix feels truly useless and feels he can't help Ozzy stop Thrax. Ozzy then tells Drix to stop feeling sorry for himself and convinces him to come with him to save Frank.

Back in the brain, Thrax captures Leah and makes a getaway in a hot car to the uvula. At that same time, Frank is driving his car to catch up with Shane, who is going hiking with her friends. Even though Frank is seriously ill, the Mayor just ignores it, but Frank faints. Shane sees the paramedics arrive and they take her to the hospital.

While Frank is being operated on, Ozzy and Drix arrive at the uvula and Drix freezes Thrax's hand. However, Thrax releases the pollen he stole from the nose earlier and causes Frank to sneeze him out. Ozzy then decides to shoot himself out of Frank's body and get the braclet back. Ozzy and Thrax land on Shane's eye and have an awesome and epic battle. Ozzy then tricks Thrax into sticking his hand into Shane's eyelash, which then falls into a bottle of rubbing alcohol and kills Thrax. When it seems that Frank is about to reach 108, Ozzy jumps into one of Shane's tears which falls into Frank's mouth and he comes back with the braclet.

Ozzy, Drix, Leah, and the Chief then go to the hypotalamus and put the bead back into it's proper place and Frank is cured. At city hall, Ozzy and Drix are rehired and saluted for saving Frank. Ozzy makes Drix as his new partner and Drix gets to stay in Frank for as long as he wants. Leah then declares her true feelings for Ozzy and they kiss, while the crowd cheers.

Frank and Shane then go on a hiking trip and Frank has given up being a slob and Tom Colonic becomes the new mayor. Meanwhile, in the bowels, the Mayor is cleaning up the mess he made after losing the election. He presses a button which causes Frank to fart him out of the body. After all it is a Farrelly Bros. movie.  

Well, here's my review. I give the movie a 5 out of five. It has some awesome songs (especially St. Lunatic's Summer in the City), sure teaches you about health and the human body, some badass characters, and not to mention I'm a huge Chris Rock fan. It goes next to Space Jam on one of my favorite animated movies list.

However, this wasn't the last time we saw Ozzy and Drix. About a year later, Kids WB made a TV series starring these two buddy cops called "The Fantastic Adventures of Ozzy and Drix". Well let's tell you all about it.


One day, Ozzy and Drix are chasing a fever virus, which was probably caused from Frank resuming his bad eating habits. They are about to arrest him, but a mosquito sucks them up into it's body. The mosquito then lands on a 13 year old boy named Hector's arm, who instantly slaps it. Ozzy and Drix land on Hector's arm and are rescued by other blood cells who take them into the boy's body. They go to the mayor's office, who is an immature teen. Probably a result of Hector's egotism. Ozzy noticed that Hector is getting sick and tries to tell the Mayor, but Spryman doesn't listen and decides to have Ozzy and Drix flushed.

While Ozzy and Drix are gonna be flushed, the fever virus is revealed to have caused Hector's symptoms and followed Ozzy and Drix to Hector. Officer Maria and the Chief try to take the virus themselves, but he's too powerful for them. Ozzy and Drix then decide to take him down themselves. They chase him to the spleen, where the virus is obliterated. Thanks to Ozzy and Drix, Hector is cured. The Mayor decides to let the two hang around and the boys open up their own detective agency. Ozzy notices that Hector looks like Frank when he was thirteen. Around thirteen, Frank's life went downhill and he became a lazy slob. To make sure Hector doesn't end up like Frank, Ozzy vows to help Hector through the changes in his life and keep him healthy.

In this series, new characters are introduced including Drix's girlfriend Maria Amibo, Chief Glutteus, Hector's girlfriend Christine, his best buddy Travis, and youv'e already met Hector and Spryman. Phil LaMarr and Jeff Bennet also replace Chris Rock and David Hyde Pierce as Ozzy and Drix. Yeah, it was a great show. Too bad it lasted two seasons, I'd really like to see them fight more germs and illnesses. I would've even liked to see Leah in the show. Would've made a great episode if Leah came to Hector.


Now, for the Ozzy and Drix clone, Inside Out. As I said, it's just like Ozzy and Drix except it isn't about biology or health, it's about living emotions and kids personas changing as they grow up, has no villain, is CGI animated, has no gross humor or bad Flinstones-like puns, most of the characters are girls, and has emotional scenes. One word: boring.

Five living emotions named Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anger, and Disgust reside in the brain of an 11 year old girl named Riley. Riley has always lived a happy life in some sort of town in Minnesota with her parents being happy and jolly all day long. The first emotion; Joy is the leader of the gang and is in charge of keeping Riley happy, perky, and cheerly all day long. Anger is the one who keeps things fair when Riley doesn't get what she wants, Disgust is the one who keeps Riley from being socially and physically poisoning, and Fear is the one who keeps her safe. Sadness was only used when Riley threw tantrums as a little kid.

Riley's dad gets his job transferred to San Francisco and the Anderson's have to move there. When they arrive, everything has gone wrong; the house is awful and the moving van won't arrive for another few weeks. Joy sees this and decides to keep Riley positive. Just as Riley and her parents are having fun, Riley's dad gets called to his new office and leaves. Riley feels sad, but as Sadness is about to do something about it, Joy pushes her away and decides to cheer Riley up by having her and her mother go to a pizza place Riley saw. However, they only serve California pizza (disgusting) and Riley and her mom leave. Joy tries with all her might to make Riley stay postive, but no luck at all. That night, Riley's mom comes into her room (which is a broken down room and Riley is sleeping on the floor), she thanks Riley for staying their "happy girl". Of course, Joy takes this literally and thinks she must have complete dominance over Riley's brain.

The next day, Riley starts school. Inside the mind, Joy has Sadness stay inside of a tiny circle so she won't make Riley sad. When Riley introduces herself to the class, she tells them all about the good old days in Minnesota and soon starts to cry when the subject of moving to San Francisco is brought up. While the students have concerned looks on their faces, Joy, Anger, Fear, and Disgust are shocked that Riley is crying and notice Sadness is taking control of the mind and creates a new core memory and it is a sad one. Joy decides to get rid of it, but Sadness tries to pull it back and the two are sent out of the mind and into Long Term Memory. Joy picks up the other core memories that got sucked out and decides they need to get home. Since Sadness has read the manuals, she deicdes to guide them.

While they walk back, they meet Riley's old imaginary friend, Bing Bong, who is some sort of pink elephant thing with floppy ears. He decides to be their guide instead. Sadness is skeptical about this, but Joy thinks otherwise. They go to a dangerous place called Abstract Thought, even though Sadness tries to warn them it's dangerous, they don't listen. After escaping, they end up in Imagination Island, which is being destroyed because Riley is losing her imagination. Bing Bong finds that his old wagon is being thrown into the Memory Dump and goes after it, but it's gone. Bing Bong falls into despair and starts sobbing. Joy tries to cheer him up, but it doesn't work at all.
Osmosis Jones Vs. Inside Out by Pelswick234
Osmosis Jones Vs. Inside Out
Long before there was Inside Out, there was Osmosis Jones, a movie from Warner Bros. This also takes place inside of the human body, only it's about living cells and germs and it is a 2D film with live action sequences.
Helga Cried? by bakugan4ever77

Helga. The little girl with a deep dark backstory.

Spent her whole life being hated and ignored by her own flesh and blood, forced to do things for herself at such a young age. Her first day at preschool, she was bullied by children not much smarter than her and forced to walk in the rain all alone in a dangerous city. Her hope has been taken from her so many times. She spends most of her time in her room, beaten and defeated.

What is the cruelty of the world? That we bully and hurt those who do not deserve it? What tragedy is this, that has a lonely soul emotionally scarred for life? Her heart is broken, must we break everything else too? A little girl traumatized at such a young age is the worst thing possible.


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Hello. I am Ellis Archer (aka Pelswick23). I am here to show you guys fanart of my favorite cartoon characters and my own original characters. Im gonna share the with the world. So comment and like.

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